we buy used books!


Turn a Page Book Shop’s inventory comes from our customers so for the time being we house used books only. The last Saturday of every month we buy your unwanted books for store credit, and we do accept donated books. Our inventory sells at a significant discount from the suggested retail price.

kids welcome!


There are few things as important as learning to read. Developing a love for the written word requires exposure to all kinds of literature. Whether looking for a baby gift, a classic series, fun picture books or favorite titles for the young bookworm in your house, we have an impressive collection of quality children’s literature. Be sure to join us every Saturday at 11 a.m. for story time!

We know our stuff!

Staff Picks

When you finally finish a book, the decision of what to read next is not always an easy one. We’re all about bringing people and books together, so our “Staff Picks” display is a great place to start your search for your next reading adventure. We work hard to choose from a diverse range of genres to provide ideas for the non-fiction reader, fiction reader and those looking to switch it up a bit.

That *special* something

Special Editions

Sometimes a book makes such an impact that you have to own a copy that reflects the book’s significance for you. Part of what makes selling used books fun and exciting is the prospect that we may have such a book sitting on our shelves waiting for you to make it your own. Some of our books are fragile and delicate, so we keep them separate from our everyday inventory but they are available for everyone.